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Cromwell House Rear View Cromwell House Rear View 2 Cromwell House Window Box The Cromwell House
Dining Room Living Room Bedroom
Bedroom 2 Bedroom 3 Girls in Yard
Old Christmas Night - Leah on Fiddle Clarenville from Bare Mountain An Iceberg Just Passing Through...
Nick Donovan, Local Kayak Guide Sunset from the Town Site Twin Rivers Golf Course
The Islands by Boat Waterfalls in Clarenville

As the regional service centre, Clarenville is home to a wide variety of shopping experiences. From typical grocery stores and department stores to one-of-a-kind boutique specialty shops. The Town’s two main retail areas are the Random Square Mall and the Clarenville Shopping Centre.

A couple of “must-see” shops for all visitors are the Barn Loft Gift Emporium and the Salt Box. Clarenville also has 3 full grocery stores with delis, fresh produce, each with a variety of fresh sea-food. Depending on the season, visitors will also witness an array of road-side vendors selling fresh seafood, vegetables and crafts. This is “normal”, feel free to stop, and have a look. These vendors offer great products at great prices.

The Discovery Trail region is filled with neat shops and studios. Again, just ask Brian and Vera, and they can certainly send you in the right direction.