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Brian and Vera are native Newfoundlanders, born and raised in Eastern Newfoundland. They appreciate the importance of advanced planning, and having a “local” assist them in bringing the travel plans together. Brian and Vera are available to assist you in planning your visit to the region, or Newfoundland in general. Whether you are looking for that special place to eat, shop or play, or trying to figure out what you can realistically cover in a day, just pick up the phone, they will be only too glad to assist in any way possible.

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Cromwell House is in the Town of Clarenville - a thriving, multi-faceted community located on the East Coast of Newfoundland & Labrador.

Clarenville, in the center of the Discovery Trail, at the meeting point of two arms of the Atlantic Ocean - Random Sound and Smith Sound. This bustling town is protected from the powerful Atlantic Ocean by Random Island, the province’s largest island.

Take 3 to 4 days to truly get a taste of the area – an area that reflects authentic Newfoundland and Labrador culture. The Discovery Trail is one of the most unique and fulfilling destinations you will ever experience

Things to Do & See in Clarenville
With an exhaustive range of things to do and see, a provincial centre for recreation, and the ideal place to start exploring the historical Discovery Trail, Clarenville is a great place to be. The following is a short list of what you can find near-by, organized by activity. Each item is linked to a description.

The sheltered waters around the Clarenville and Random Island area provide some of the best sea-kayaking in the province. Paddle trough secluded coves…visit re-settled communities. Whether you’re a first time kayaker, or a seasoned veteran, we can provide you with the guiding and itinerary to match your interests.

Hiking & Walking

  • Bare Mountain Trail: Overlooking Random Island and Smith Sound, the Bare Mountain trail provides panoramic views of Clarenville and the surrounding communities. Interpretation panels relate the history of a community that is now a major service center in eastern Newfoundland. 3km loop trail (1 hour). Moderate level of difficulty with stairways and short steep sections
  • The Rotary Trail: The Rotary Trail is located in the southern end of Clarenville, with the Elizabeth Swan Park being a good starting point. The trail follows a meandering stream and passes through a typical boreal forest where you will encounter a variety of plant and animal life. 5 km stacked loop. Easy-Moderate level of difficulty.
  • The Wellness Trail: the Wellness Trail has no designated beginning or end. You can start at the High School or the Town Hall or even use it as a bridge between the Rotary Trail and the Bare Mountain Trail. It basically forms a cross pattern tending roughly towards four major compass points. The trail is dotted with exercise stations for those seeking a more strenuous workout.
  • T’Railway – Running through the town of Clarenville is the “T’Railway” – the nic name given to the former railway bed. The province-wide “T’Railway” is part of the Trans Canada Trail, and provides a great primary trail which winds through town and heads west through the beautiful Shoal Harbour valley. It is great for leisurely strolls, mountain biking and jogging.

Boat Tours
Just a short drive from Clarenville, guests can take advantage of premiere boat tours that highlight the area’s most pristine and spectacular areas. Participate in one of Coastal Connections award-winning expeditions and “you will learn about this place, participate in scientific studies, and view the wonders of our nature - in the sky, on the land, and particularly in the sea”. Another great experience is available through Random Island Charters, based in Petley. Contact us for additional information.

The Clarenville area is blessed with 4 coastal golf courses, including

  • Twin Rivers - the province’s top, award-winning 18-hole course at Terra Nova Golf Resort, Port Blandford, just 15 minutes west of Clarenville.
  • Eagle Creek – a challenging 9-hole course at Terra Nova Golf Resort, Port Blandford.
  • The View Golf Resort – the area’s newest 9-hole course with spectacular views, located in Princeton, just 30 min from Clarenville.
  • Brookside Golf Course – a enjoyable 9-hole course located in Hatchet Cove, just 15 min from Clarenville.

White Hills Resort
Nestled across 55 acres of ski and board terrain in the majestic hills of the Discovery Trail, White Hills Resort has the proud distinction of being called "Eastern Newfoundland's Winter Playground". Although a winter-oriented resort, many locals and visitors enjoy hiking and biking in the area.

Clarenville Goose Sanctuary
The waters along the shores of Clarenville are protected as a Canada Goose Sanctuary. The prime viewing locations are Lower Shoal Harbour (along Cormack Drive) and in Shoal Harbour, near the Causeway. The Canada Goose can be seen in great numbers in this area each year during the Spring and Fall, and beyond. The area also attracts numerous other birds including ducks, bald eagles, osprey, herring gulls, common terns, sandpiper greater yellowlegs, and more.

Clarenville Dragway
Whether you’re a gear-head looking for the next challenge, a horsepower junkie looking to “feel” the roar or a family looking for an exciting day of something a little different, the Clarenville Dragway is well worth a look! From the emerging sport compact class to the ground shaking, alcohol burning 170+ Mile Per Hour dragsters. From the nitrous guzzling supercharged pro street cars to the heart pounding Harleys to the slightly modified, pavement hugging snowmobiles… the Clarenville Dragway has a bit of everything.

Arts Under the Stars
Beginning in July, the Elizabeth Swan Park in Clarenville will become the site of a new initiative. Arts Under the Stars will be a series of free performances on five Thursday nights throughout the summer. Music performances will be provided by nationally recognized solo and duo acts from the province. Theatrical productions will also be on the schedule. Please contact us for details!

New Curtain Theatre Company
We are delighted to say that Clarenville is now the home of a professional theatre company - the New Curtain Theatre Company. Although their schedule is not finalized, several productions are in the works. Touch base for more information!

Besides the variety of outdoors activities available, Clarenville is also home to 2 fitness centers – Global Gym and Curves - as well as an indoor swimming pool – The Wave. These three centres are conveniently located all under the one roof.

Clarenville Caribous Senior Hockey
During the winter months, drop by the Clarenville Events Centre and take in a Clarenville Caribous Senior Hockey game. The Clarenville Caribous is one of six teams in the Newfoundland & Labrador Senior Hockey League (NLSHL), and normally play on home ice in Clarenville every second weekend from October to March. From 2009 - 2012, the Caribous have won 3 Provincial Herder Championships, as well as a National Championship for Senior Hockey. To learn more about the Clarenville Caribous and their season schedule, visit

Local Key Points of Interest

One of the area’s best kept secrets is Random Island - Newfoundland’s largest coastal Island. At approximately 40km in length, and 15 km at its widest point, Random Island is home to approximately 1200 people, living in 11 communities.

There are several other communities accessible only by boat, that are now abandoned except for cottages and fishing cabins. The glacial fjords that surround the island make for a boater’s and kayaker’s paradise with sheltered calm waters, secluded coves and beaches. Eagles, osprey and seabirds fill the air, while whales, seals, porpoises and other sea life fill the sparkling waters.