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The Cromwell House is meant for you to enjoy with your whole family. Children are more than welcomed. With three young boys themselves, Brian and Vera appreciate the importance of family vacations and can certainly assist you with any special needs or planning as required.

As a general rule of thumb, we do not allow pets. However, if you are traveling with a pet, please let us know when making your reservation. We can discuss any specifics and address any concerns we may have. Please be advised that if you have a pet at the Cromwell House, you may be subject to an extra fee added to bill.

Telecommunication & Internet Services
The Cromwell House has a telephone for guests to use. No charge for local calls. We can also arrange fax services for you. To make long-distance calls, guests must use a calling card or place collect calls. The Cromwell House has a high-speed internet connection. If necessary, we can arrange to have a computer on site during your stay.

“Cromwell Cares” Program
Returning guests are entitled to a 10% discount from regular rates. You must indicate that you are a returning guest at the time of making your reservations. Certain conditions apply.

HST Rebate
As you may know, there is a 13% Harmonized Sales Tax applied to most goods and services in Newfoundland and Labrador. However, non-Canadian visitors and non-Canadian businesses can apply for a refund of the HST on some items. Non-Canadian visitors can claim a refund on the HST paid on accommodations if your stay was less than 30 days, and amounts to more than $200. Your receipt must specify the number of nights you stayed for each lodging. Brian and Vera have copies of the brochure Tax Refund for Visitors, which includes an application form.

“Smoking Policy
The Cromwell House is proud to be a smoke-free environment. There will be an extra purification fee added to bill if smoking has been suspected.

Just 15 minutes west of the Cromwell House is Terra Nova National Park – Newfoundland and Labrador’s first National Park. Terra Nova is home to some 30 species of mammals and one of North America’s largest Bald Eagle populations. Hiking in Terra Nova National Park will expose you to one of the continent’s best examples of boreal forest.

The park protects 400 square kms of boreal forest and scenic coastline. Icebergs float in sheltered fjords while bald eagles and great horned owls soar overhead. Keep an eye out for ospreys, eagles, lynx, bear, and moose. The Marine Interpretation Centre provides the perfect place for visitors to stop and orient themselves with all the services, facilities and activities at the Park. It houses many exciting marine exhibits that help visitors explore the marine environment and its fascinating sea creatures. There are aquariums, a touch tank, an underwater camera, and much more.